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Jun 19, 2024
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There are a number of cleaners and RAM boosters of the Android smartphones that clean the phone’s storage and make it faster. Our phones usually do a lot of work, processing that they become slower. The loads of the applications and the data we save does leave a heavy load on the storage of the phone.

That is why it is necessary to clean the junk and keep the RAM faster. There are several cleaner applications but the one everybody can rely on without any worries is the Avast Cleanup Premium. A lot of features are present in this application that can help you keep your phone clean and faster. It will keep you updated regarding the junk in your phone, and the weaker speed. The best thing is the updates it gives you everyday right when your phone needs a boost.

Moreover this premium feature provides everbn better perfornanbcre and more features that one could never have imagined. Hence, this application is just a single stop for you to make your phone lag free, fast and clean. If you storage is getting full, you can also use this application to detect the files which are bigger in size and should be removed. Just like this, there are many features of this application that you can read below.

App Optimization

You can optimize any app of your choice to make it clean and faster. This could be done by selecting an application and then optimizing it specifically in case this application is heavy and cannot function properly.

Clean junk files

All the Android smartphones create junk files which are not healthy for the system of your phone. It is necessary to clear them out as soon as possible. In this case you can use the clean junk files feature of the Avast Cleanup Premium. It will update you with a notification of cleaning the junk of your phone, or you can simply do it by opening the application itself.

Free booster

Now you can boost your phone to get the fastest working speed. The phone’s system usually gets slow when you are using it too much and have downloaded big applications and files. To keep the functioning of the system good, you need an application that can also keep your phone faster. Avast Cleanup Premium can help you with it and boost your phone to get you a faster speed.

Boost RAM

Your RAM could become slower with a lot of load of applications, make sure you make it faster too by using the RAM booster feature of this brilliant cleanup application.

Detects big files

This application specifically detects the big files that could be heavier for your phone. You can remove them right away by deleting them. There are many videos which come in this category that you can delete immediately.

Improves battery life

It also saves your battery and extends the life by giving you extra time. In this way you can use your phone longer.

Battery saver mode

In case your battery is low and you need to save it for an emergency, you can simply turn on the battery saver mode given in this app. With this battery saver, you can save your battery for emergency usage.

No ads

This application has a premium mode that contains zero ads. The regular one comes with plenty of ads that are absolutely annoying. That is why the premium version has no ads for your convenience.

Clean storage

You can clean your storage too with this application. It will detect the extra and big files in your phone out of which you can choose which ones you want to delete.

Choose themes

You can also choose the themes of your choice to keep on the phone and the application. Hence it is a good opportunity to make your phone look good in terms of its display.

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