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Run to become the greatest knight that the world of Brim has EVER seen!
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Jul 3, 2024
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If you are looking for endless running game on the internet, then don’t go anywhere now because you have got that game whose name is blades of brim which has more than 10 million active players worldwide. This game has very addictive gameplay that makes this game entertaining.

In this game there will be many goons which will chase you which means you have to be active in your moves while running other you will lose the battle against your enemies. You will get multiple magical weapons in this game which you can use to kill these goons. There are multiple missions are available in this game.

Blades of brim game has many different hero characters which you can choose in this game and each hero has unique powers that you use can use against your enemies. This game is fully optimized which delivers lag free experience. This game has mind blowing features so let’s check them out.

What is blade of brim apk?

Blade of brim is an arcade running which is very fun game to play. This game has introduced in basic version that is completely free to download so you don’t need money for this awesome game. But while playing this game in regular version you will see multiple ads which often interrupts a lot. In this game you will get many vip features which are all paid.

What is blade of brim mod apk?

Blade of brim game also has a hacked version which gives all features and items of this game for free which means you don’t even have to pay for premium. Complete game will be unlocked where you will get access on all characters and weapons in this game. There will be unlimited money for you in this game which never runs out from this game. This version has zero advertisements which never interrupts.

Can I download blade of brim for free?

Yes! blade of brim is a free game to download but it has premium features which you can only get by spending real money.

Does blade of brim have multiplayer mode?

No! blade of brim has only single player mode which means it has no multiplayer mode.

Can I play blade of brim offline?

Yes! you can play blade of brim offline mode which means you don’t need internet connection to run this game.


Fight with goons

In this game you will get many different enemies which will try to hit you while running but you have to dodge them. You can also fight back with these goons and for this purpose you will get many different weapons that you can use to kill them because that’s how you can clear your way from them. After running for a while difficulty level will increase on running track.

Endless run

Blade of brim is an endless game where you can play as long as you want to achieve high score in this game. This game has endless running track where you can run but there will be many hurdles which you will face so make sure to play safe otherwise you won’t be able to unlock new different items in this game. Break all existing records by making your high score in this game.

Choose different heroes

Blade of brim game has many different hero characters which you can choose to play but many characters will be locked so you try to unlock your favorite characters in this game by completing your daily missions. All characters are different from each other because they have different powers which will help you while fighting enemies. So get best heroes in this game and unlock all your abilities.

Different weapons

There are many different weapons are available in this game which you can use to clear hurdles from the running track. All these weapons have different magical powers which helps a lot to clear tough missions that’s why you need all of these weapons in this game otherwise you will be able to fight with your enemies.

Magical pets

You will see some many awesome pets in this game which plays an important role in this game which is why you need pet in this game. These magical pets have unique powers which helps a lot while fighting with evil goons that’s why you need these pets for your protection. So try to unlock all these magical pets and make get all achievements.

simple controls

blade of brim game has best controls because it is very simple to play so you will never get any kind of difficulty or complications in this game. You just need little practice in this game then you will become a great player of this game. Swipe your finger on mobile screen to control your player so make sure to play safe in this game.

Mod Features

Endless money

In this game you will get unlimited money in modded version which means you don’t need to earn money after getting blade of brim mod apk version. So if you also want free unlimited money in this awesome then you need to download the mod version because only this version gives free limitless money in this game.

God mode

Mod version of this game also provide god mode where you will never lose your health which means you will never die again after playing this game in mod version. You will never lose your health even after getting hit by hurdles because of this advanced version. So get unlimited health in god mode by downloading this game in mod.

Complete game unlocked

In simple version of blade of brim, you have to unlock many features by completing mission but in mod version you will get this game completely unlocked. In this modded version all characters, weapons and powers will be unlocked which you can use anytime so you don’t have to unlock anything because entire game will be unlocked.

Ads are blocked

Blade of brim game has many different ads which you will see while playing that’s why you will get interrupted by these ads. But in mod version you will never see any kind of ads because in this version all kinds of ads are banned. If you also want this awesome runner game without ads then mod version is best for this purpose.


Blade of brim is a very fun game to play with all these exciting features that’s why it is highly recommended game on the internet. You can also treat your boredom by playing this game so get the complete setup of this game in latest version from our website. Play this game and try to make high score by using this best character.


Q. How to get free unlimited money in blade of brim?

To get free unlimited in blade of brim game you have to download this game in modified version then you will get free unlimited money.

Q. How to get free vip items in blade of brim?

You can simply download the mod version of blade of brim game in your device then you will get access on all vip items of this game for free.

What's new

Welcome to the latest update for Blades of Brim! We have worked hard on improving a lot of little details in the game, and we are constantly working on new features and content, as well as fixing the issues that we know some of you are encountering. Thank you for updating! Now let's beat some Goons together!