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Introducing edjing Mix - the brand new version of the famous DJ app - reworked to ensure even greater performance level.
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Jul 2, 2024
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Music is included in everyone’s life. Nobody can deny the love for music, however the previous Era was more likely to listen to classical music but now remixes are more common among people. The new generation prefers the mashups and remixes of the old songs that feature Jazz beats and thrilling sounds and high bass music. Have you ever come up with a unique beat and wanted to include it in a sound to remix it?Well, if you’ve been thinking about this then we have got a solution for you.

Edjing Mix is an app that allows you to make remixes of the already launched songs. This app was developed by MWM– free music and audio apps for Android. This is an app which can be used to edit audio and music. This app provides you with professional djing experience.

You can create mashups and mixes of different songs and can even upload it on any platform. You can even merge two or three songs to make a mashup and include your beats to it. This app has been made under the supervision of professional DJs so it contains all the features that a DJ would need. This app also collaborates with the world’s best DJs . Edjing mix is an app that would surely fulfill your needs. If you are a DJ lover then you can read this article for a complete review.

What is Edjing Mix APK?

Edjing Mix is an audio and music editing tool. This app provides professional DJ experience. In this app you can professionally edit and merge songs to create mashups. You can also add Jazz beats and enhance the base sound of the songs to create new music. This app contains all the features that a DJ would need in their life. Explore different features of this app and create your personalized music.

What is Edjing Mix MOD APK?

Edjing Mix Mod APK is the modified version of the Edjing mix app. In this app the user will have access to the premium version of the Edjing mix app. In this app, you will be able to use all the premium features including many different professional tools that are only available in the premium version. Enjoy the best possible experience while using the Edjing Mix Mod APK because in this version you will not face any interruptions in the form of annoying ads.

What Does Edjing Mix Do?

Edjing mix is an exceptional app that can be used by the beginners as well as the professional DJs. It has a user-friendly interface that allows the DJs to easily mix and merge two or more songs to create different mashups. It will also allow you to add different thrilling music to the songs. You can enhance the bass of the song and add loops to the songs. This exceptional app will help you in building your DJ career. You can add Jazz beats and 2D and 3D effects to your audios with the help of this app.

Is Edjing Mix Free to Use?

Edjing mix app features the professional tools that are needed by the DJs. However all the features of the Edjing mix app are not free, there are some premium features for which you will have to pay a fixed amount. To have access to them the overall cost of the Edjing app would be $4.99 which is not very high because it gives you professional experience and it will help you build up your career as a DJ.

Features of the Edjing Mix App

Music Library

The Edjing mix app features a vast library of many different tracks. There are over 50 million tracks in this app which are from different languages and countries. You can also Link your soundcloud account with this app and export different sounds to this app. In addition to this you can also use your own mobile music library to create different mashups. You can merge any of these songs to make a mashup, you can add many different sound effects to these songs and create remixes and reprise versions of these songs.

Easy to Use

The Edjing mix app is very easy to use. It will help the beginner DJ to start their career because this app features different samples from professional DJs. These samples are professionally created by different DJs and the user can use them to create different mixes and mashups. Moreover, you can also create a music playlist of your mixes and mashups in the app so that you can easily have access to your work and you can also search for your favourite song by writing the name of the song in the search bar. All these simple controls make this app famous among people.

DJ Editing Tools

This editing app features a variety of editing tools that are used by professional DJs. With the help of this app, you can easily sync the audio to edit them. You can use the BPM feature to adjust the beats of your tracks, this feature will also help you to know how beats are organised. There are many other DJ editing tools like audio spectrum loops and slip features. All these features will help you create professional mixing audio . In addition to these tools you can also add Echo sounds to your songs, you can add Hip Hop, Jazz and Dubstep beats to your tracks.

Integration with Other Devices

In addition to all the tools available in the Edjing mix app, you can also connect this app with many different DJ devices so that you can have better control over the tracks that you are creating. This app features a mix fader and MIDI controller. These tools will help you to connect different DJ devices very easily. You can use this app for your professional business. You can connect the Pioneer DDJ– 200 easily with the help of the MIDI feature available in this app.

Features of the Edjing mix MOD APK

Free Premium Version

The Edjing mix Mod APK provides you with free access to all the premium features of the Edjing mix app. In the standard version, all the editing tools are not available and to have access to more professional features you will have to buy the premium version. But in this modified version, you will have access to all the premium features for free. In addition to this, you will not face any difficulty while editing your videos because in this app there would be no pop up ads to disturb you.


If you want to become a DJ and do not have the money to spend on different editing tools then you can start off your business with the help of this app because this app is easy to link with any hardware and it contains all the professional tools required by DJs . If you want to know more about this app then you can ask your questions in the comment section down below.


Q. Is this modified version of edjing mix free to download?

Yes, the Edjing mix Mod APK is absolutely free to download from our website.

Q. Will edjing mix harm my device?

No, this modified version will not harm your device in any way.